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School Program Details

I will do up to four 45-minute talks a day. I prefer speaking to groups divided by grades as opposed to speaking to the whole school, but I'm flexible. 

I'm happy to sign books before or after the program and will do my very best to sign all books before leaving so that children can get their books returned by the end of the school day. I try to provide bookmarks for students unable or uninterested in purchasing books. 

I am open to doing a Lunch With The Author workshop for a group of 12-15 students. This is an opportunity for especially interested students to share their work and ask more direct questions about the writing life or process. There is no extra fee for this and it up to schools to decide which students attend (for example, by contest or random drawing).   

Please note: for all school visits, I request that children have read at least one of my books. It's much more meaningful for students when they are familiar with an author's work beforehand. 


For schools within 1.5 hour drive from Columbus, Ohio:

$600 for half-day (Includes two 45 minute presentations and Lunch With The Author if desired.)

$950 for full-day (Includes up to four 45 minutes presentations or combination of presentation/workshops and Lunch With The Author if desired.)

For schools more than 1.5 hour drive from Columbus, Ohio or out of state:

Half-day: $650 plus travel expenses (coach airfare or mileage at .54 per mile, hotel, $40 for meals per day, car rental/gas if applicable). 

Full-day: $1000 plus travel expenses (coach airfare or mileage at .54 per mile, hotel, $40 for meals per day, car rental/gas if applicable).   

Multiple schools are also welcome to split travel expenses. 

Local Schools only

For a 1 hour visit or workshop (for example, for a Literary Night, Enrichment Day, or other school or library event) cost is $150.

(For this purpose, local means any school or library within a 40-minute drive of Columbus, Ohio.)  

Other Events

For Scout visits or other types of events, please contact me to discuss. (Sorry. Too many factors go into determining a price ahead of time!)

To contact me with questions or to request a school visit, please contact me